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Bird Blues: Ain’t Easy to Sing ‘bout Early Spring

At less than the width of your outstretched palm, pied flycatchers travel vast distances, traversing several thousand kilometers in a single migration cycle. These birds spend the winter in western Africa and breed in Europe and parts of Asia. They prey on insects while in flight and enjoy munching on caterpillars and berries.
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Test Drive a College Political Science Major

Political careers seldom get the vote at family dinner tables1, but they certainly nab landslide victories in the workplace. While a Gallup poll shows that 64% of Americans don’t want their kids to become politicians, political scientists enjoy bright career prospects and a relatively high median wage that keeps them well-cushioned from budget deficits.
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Beguiled by Blooms

Evolution is a heartless process. Over time, some species become extinct, others flourish. For the most part, successful adaptations dictate which species will thrive and which will come to an end. As a response to environmental stimuli, adaptations take effect in different ways. Some creatures become bigger and stronger to overpower more massive prey.
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Paid Cloudera Courses that Will Take Your Career to the Big Leagues

Some people have all the luck. Aside from taking home some of the highest median salaries on the planet, big data professionals also feel they’ve found the elusive sweet spot where workers can strike a balance between a thriving career and a happy personal life. those rare individuals who are steeped in the equations of mathematics or the syntax of Hadoop, MongoDB, and other big data tools — enjoy an average annual wage of $114,0001.
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Samsung’s Mad Dash to the Digital Future Might Already Be Paying Off

You either pay lip service to innovation or pay the bills that make it happen. Now there's a foolproof way to show whether a company is dead serious about innovation, the decades-old buzzword everyone in the business world claims and alludes to all the time.
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What Is Python?

Python can be everyone’s gateway into the world of computer programming, a means to a fat paycheck and a creative way to have fun. Named after an iconic comedy group and known for its easy and elegant syntax, Python runs applications that range from simple kindergarten games to complex search algorithms.
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Learning SQL Is An Easy Path to a $92k/Year Career

SQL (Structured Query Language) will be among the most desirable job skills in the years ahead. Surprisingly, it is also among the easiest to learn. Just reading this series of short articles, for example, will give you enough SQL basics to start accessing a database and pave your way to a high-paying big data career.
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Test Drive a College Physics Major

I just couldn’t resist. How could I say no to quasars, black holes, dark matter, teleportation, and the God particle? Then again, perhaps no self-respecting geek ever could. Of all the courses that promise excitement, adventure, and exploration, nothing else pulls as much as Physics does. Heck, even gravity comes only a close second.
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Pinned by Parables: Rock Star Jesus Sings Stairway to Heaven

Don’t believe every word I say. I’ve been known to lie many times. I’ve conned people, gone to strip joints, and drunk way too much alcohol. That could be anybody talking, right? But this is me, and I’m saying: I found something lodged between the warring hemispheres of my brain. A lost whisper haunting the silent grooves of my heart. I’m not sure which organ hosts the human soul but something sure-as-hell found something.
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Win The Talent War With These HR Assessment Tools

Talent — the only resource that can transform a business into a byword — has become harder to come by and costlier to hire. As a result, employers find themselves fiercely competing to lure highly skilled professionals into their ranks, while top talent finally discover their ability to influence how the recruitment game plays out. The scenario is turning into what many industry analysts describe as a battlefield.
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The Case for Sustainable Travel

Finding your place in the world can take a lifetime of traveling. That's why Eksalife brings together all the beguiling places and fascinating people in one nifty portal where you can find less beaten paths that promise authentic experiences and surprising encounters along the way. But more than our network of astonishing destinations, we also partner with people and organizations who care enough to preserve and promote the world's profoundly beautiful places.
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Learn the Secrets of Top-notch Photography With Online Lightroom Courses

Photographs capture moments, moods, and spaces. The best of them freeze us in time, take us to different worlds, and incite us to feel strongly about something. the finest attempts at pure photography — make history.1. But given our exposure to countless, mostly mediocre, photos every day, we hardly remember the images we encounter … Unless the image stops us in our tracks and compels us to listen to its tale.
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Joseph Mapue

Joseph Mapue wears his writer's hat wherever he goes. Whether working as editor for various publishing houses, or as technical communicator for IT companies, Joseph's pen and keyboard are his weapons of choice.

As an independent consultant, Joseph enjoys sharing insights on technical, business, and creative communications. With a track record of more than 10 years as content creator and strategist, he feeds his passion by crafting world class business plans, functional specifications, whitepapers, website copies, academic papers, advertising & creative copies, press releases, speeches and other communication materials. A published author and a guest resource and contributor to niche blogs and portals, Joseph also has bankable experience in technical documentation and business development.

Joseph somehow obtained a bachelors degree in Physics while he minored in Computers and the Humanities. He also took graduate courses in Literature because he thought then that doing so would enrich his communication skills. It did. But it also messed up his brain: should he now look at a perfect apple as a scientific construct or see it as a work of art? He eventually reached equilibrium by accepting that all good stuff--such as effective communication copies--can only be crafted using the precise tools of science and the highest standards of art.

Joseph writes for fun and for pay and will likely continue doing so until the mountain winds claim his ashes.



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